I’m Co-Hosting a Posh Party on 10/3/14

Love it.

Janis Marie


Are you new to Poshmark? Are you familiar with what items are supported/non-supported to list for sale in your closet? Tag me in my Poshmark closet http://www.poshmark.com/closet/jblacombe and I will scout through your closet and let you know on the night of the Posh Party if I have chosen one of your items as a host pick.

Many times, new Poshers are not familiar with what can/cannot be listed and sold. I am willing to work with you to get your closet in Poshible State! (I just made up that word).

We are all on Poshmark for the same reason, to sell and/or buy fashion!! In the beginning, many including myself, listed items without reading the rules. We saw it listed, therefore we assumed it was allowed. Many times, the items sold and we cannot delete them from our closet!

I believe in “second chances” and that we learn…

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